Nicky Pariser

Birth and Postpartum Doula Services.

Reflections from Past Clients:

I know Nicky as a nanny, a postpartum doula, and a birth doula. 

In 2013, after my youngest was born, Nicky entered our lives at the recommendation of a friend who personally knew her. She cared for myself and my baby as a part-time nanny. Nicky saved me from contracting mastitis, saved us from sleep deprivation, and gave of her time when I was ready to begin to work again. Nicky gives herself whole-heartedly; it felt like she was a part of our family. 

Nicky helped me birth our second baby in 2018 and a we met when I was at about 20 weeks for prenatal visits. Nicky is consistent, always there to listen, always there to check in, and there for questions. On my birthing day, she arrived at my home at 6:30am and stayed with me long after I had our babe that afternoon, a 12 hour labor and birth. She pressed my hips together to relieve pressure during each contraction. She massaged my lower back. She brought me coconut water and solid food. She has an intuitive nature and provided space when I needed it or asked for it, and conversely she was there when I needed her. Nicky is an angel and we are very fortunate to have had her present for the birth of my second child. 

As a postpartum doula, Nicky returned to support us with our 5 day old baby who had contracted jaundice. She provided us with much needed rest that night and she recommended a phenomenal lactation consultant. 

We are fortunate to have worked with Nicky and are eternally grateful to her.

~ Mary


Nicky served as our birth doula for our first child in Nov 2016. We could not have had the birth experience we did without her! We met with Nicky twice after our initial conversation and before the birth, and the activities she coached us through helped us prepare for the uncertainty and excitement that was to come. She was with us throughout the long labor (24+ hours), coaching us by phone while we were briefly at home, and then by our side at the hospital.

Nicky provided suggestions when we needed them (sometimes we knew to ask, sometimes she instinctively knew to give them!), supported Lisa throughout so that Brendan could get a few short naps in to be a better partner late in the labor process, and helped us navigate choices offered by the medical team to have a safe, healthy birth that was as close to our wishes as possible (as natural as we could; I ended up on pitocin but with Nicky's support and extensive time in the jacuzzi tub, was able to avoid extensive pain management interventions). Thank you Nicky!

~ Lisa and Brendan


I highly recommend Nicky as a doula--she was absolutely wonderful! It was our first birth, so we didn't really have any idea what we were doing. We wanted a doula as a coach and an advocate for us in the hospital. We had two pre-natal visits with Nicky; it was great to talk about our birth preferences and just to get her to know her! We did some really helpful exercises and Nicky helped prepare us for what was next. 
I ended up having to be induced, but Nicky was there every step of the way. She helped us get checked in to the hospital, get settled for the night, and was back as soon as we needed her the next day. It was a really long labor (over 30hrs!) and Nicky was extremely helpful the entire time. She worked well with the hospital staff, offered suggestions throughout my labor, and was generally just a calming presence in the room. Nicky is knowledgeable, responsible, encouraging, and kind...all the things you want from your doula. Giving birth is a very intimate and intense event; I wouldn't just invite anybody in the room!

~ Hannah


Nicky was our birth and postpartum and cancer doula. As a new mother, my journey was increasingly more difficult because the week my son was born, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. As new parents, we were not only navigating the ups and downs of learning to be parents (on little sleep) but also navigating a cancer diagnosis. To say that we would not have survived without Nicky's support, is an understatement. She was present and readily available when I went into labor in the middle of the night. She helped immensely during the labor not only as a solid support system to me (the laboring mom) but as a support system to my husband during the labor. We achieved our goal of a natural vaginal birth with her help. After my son was born, he was jaundiced and we had to go back to the NICU for 4 days so he could receive phototherapy and she was so present and available during that time. After we finally all got to come home, she was our postpartum doula. She did overnights and daytimes with us and she was a GODSEND. I really felt supported by her and felt that she was teaching us some really important and valuable skills as new parents so that when we felt ready, we were able to wean off her support and learn how to stand on our own. If you hire Nicky for any part of the birth/new parent process and journey, you will not regret your decision at all. She is 100% trustworthy, responsible and clear in her communication. She is now a part of our family and we still, to this day, refer to her as our guardian angel. I would highly recommend her.

~ Esther

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